Please take a moment to review the following information about our overall policy.  You are welcome to contact us with any questions or for more information.


RESERVING AN ITEM: To confirm and guarantee an order, a signed rental agreement, signed policy form, and a deposit of 50% of the total rental cost is required.  Deposit may be made by check, cash, PayPal, or credit card. Until a deposit is paid, the order is still considered to be available inventory. A refundable ‘security bond’ is added to the total, but is returned after items are returned and assessed. The remaining balance is due prior to the order being delivered or picked up by the customer.  We cannot accept personal checks for the final payment. *Items can be added to the order after the initial agreement form is signed; however, once the contract is signed, no items can be taken off the order.

LENGTH OF RENTAL:  Unless other arrangements are made at the time of reservation, all orders are to be picked up the day prior to the event and returned the day after.  If the event is on the weekend, the order may be picked up on Friday and returned on Monday.

EVENT CANCELLATION:  If your event is cancelled, the 50% reservation deposit is not refundable. If you have paid your balance in full, we will refund any amount over 50%.  In the case of your event being postponed or changed, we will honor your 50% reservation deposit providing the items are available on the new date.

CHINA CARE:  For rental of china, cake stands, flatware, glassware, serving pieces, etc.  All china and dishes, as well as any flatware and goblets must be returned with food debris removed and the item rinsed and dried.  NO DISHWASHER FOR CHINA. China must be carefully repacked in the packing they were delivered in. We will wash when it is returned. *Please note, an alternative should be provided for serving any children at the event. It is not wise to allow children to handle vintage pieces.

CHALKBOARD CARE:  Chalkboards may ONLY be written on with REAL CHALK.  Chalkboards must be returned wiped clean with a dry eraser only.  Do NOT wipe chalkboards with water. Chalk markers may not be used on chalkboards.  Chalkboards that are returned with permanent marker that does not wipe clean will be CHARGED a repainting fee of $5-10, depending on size of board.  

WINDOW/GLASS CARE:  Glass may be written on with CHALK MARKERS that are specially made to write on glass.  

CANDLE/WAX CARE:  Candle sticks, candelabras, votives, etc. must be returned clean and free from melted wax.  Dripless candles are recommended. Votives can be placed in the freezer and when it is frozen any remaining candle will pop right out.  You will be charged a cleaning fee for melted wax left on our items.

FURNITURE CARE:  We expect that all items be well cared for during your rental period.  Furniture must not be left out in the rain. If it rains on your outdoor event, any furniture must be placed or brought indoors, or placed in a well-covered area.   

OVERALL INVENTORY CARE/FEES:  All items must be returned in the same condition as when you picked them up.  Nothing may be left outdoors overnight, due to theft and weather. For any rental items that get damaged beyond repair while in your care, you will be charged a replacement fee of 3x (three times) the rental price.  Even if an item is broken (such as a plate), it must be returned. For any items that can be repaired, you will be charged a repair fee.  For any items that are excessively dirty, a cleaning fee will be charged. For any items that are not returned, a replacement fee of 5x the rental price will be charged.  Items that are returned late, beyond the rental period, will be charged 10% per day late fee.

DELIVERY:  Customers are encouraged to pick up and return orders using a covered vehicle - no open trailers or trucks please.  We do offer delivery and pick up, and we are happy to do so. Delivery/pickup charge will be based on mileage and order size.  

Thank you for choosing Piney Rose Designs to be a part of your special day!  Our goal is to do our part to make your event as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.